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Is Extreme Temperatures the Reason My Car Battery is Failing?

Even though your car battery may have appeared to have survived another extreme season, there may be damage inside that has severely compromised the way it works moving forward. When the weather is extremely cold, the liquids inside the battery are not able optimally. This makes it harder for the car to start, and if they do freeze, the casing of the battery could swell. If that happens, permanent damage may result.

If the weather gets too hot, those same liquids might start to evaporate, leaving the car battery with less chemicals to be able to crank over your car…

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Which Traction-Adding Solution Should You Use?

Winter is in full swing here again in Charlotte, NC and that, unfortunately, will bring the concern of snow and ice. Rock salt and kitty litter have been the go-to for most in any car-stuck situation but are they really the best option when you need extra traction?

Salt, in theory, is a great option. The road crews use it because it melts snow quickly and efficiently. The problem with salt is that it is highly corrosive and doesn't really provide traction in a slippery situation as much as it just tries to melt ice. 

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Winter Wiper Blades Flex More Strength

Let Town & Country Ford here in Charlotte, NC equip your car with strong winter wiper blades. This small car part keeps ice and snow cleared from windshields with precision, day or night. Water and ice on windshields give off glare, making it difficult to see on long, wintry night drives. Winter blades are thicker and do not freeze. They remain flexible in severe cold and drain efficiently.

  • Winter wipers are set in a tough rubber shell that stays close to the windshield for better water clearance.
  • The material resists shredding when placed under tough conditions. 
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