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When you set out to buy a car, the chances are good that there are many factors that you take into consideration. You have numerous questions, like what amenities does a vehicle have? Can it fit your family and store all your luggage? How does the car you're eyeing stack up to others for safety, reliability, and overall performance? Fortunately, we offer model reviews that describe popular Ford vehicles in detail so that you know exactly what to expect. From great value to modern style, here are some reasons why a Ford vehicle is a good choice.

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Ford's iconic look has aged gracefully, and its vehicles have been wonderfully adapted for their current model years with a modern look that doesn't lose the manufacturer's signature image. Distinctive front grilles, chrome accents, and the iconic “Ford” logo are standout features you might find on your Ford. Ford's style carries over to its vehicles' interiors, which have always led the way in innovative technology. In any model year, you can shop around for a Ford with the latest in infotainment, connectivity, and intuitive driving assistance. As of 2016, Ford vehicles ranked in the top 10 of US News & World Report's rankings for stylish and well-equipped interiors.


Another area in which Ford excels is performance. Ford's powerful pickup trucks (think the F-series) are probably the first vehicles that come to mind when you think of powerful Ford cars. But there is also quite a bit of power behind the company's SUVs and sedans too, including the Ford Fusion, which ranks at the top of its class for performance. And of course, Ford is perhaps most famous for its muscle cars, which are equipped with powerful V8 engines and turbocharged four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines. Along with the engines beneath their hoods, Ford's vehicles are made to be more than just road ornaments with off-road features and packages that let you tackle dirt roads and formidable terrain with ease. AWD is standard in some of Ford's cars, which is a feature that most competitor car brands do not also have.


From affordability to value retention and corporate ethics, Ford has received many awards and recognition over the years. Ford has always been known for producing affordable vehicles, which is a trend that started with the original Model T. Today's Fords are still known for their great value, as evidenced by the fact that multiple personal and commercial trucks have earned awards for their value. In 2016, for instance, several Ford commercial cargo vans received the honor of having the “Best Fleet Value in America.” In 2017, the Ford Escape won the award for “Compact SUV.” That same year, the Ford Expedition and Ford F-150 were rated the “Best Large SUV for the money” and the “Best Full-Size Truck for the Money,” respectively. Ford was recognized in 2017 for its ethical and environmental standards, too.

Ultimately, reading a review of a vehicle is a great way to find out if it has what you're looking for in a car. Our model reviews let you learn about every aspect of a vehicle, including what makes it stand out among its peers. Of course, reading a review isn't a replacement for test driving a car. Fortunately, you can call, visit us online, or stop by our dealership if you have questions about a vehicle that you've read about or if you want to take one for a spin. Don't wait, as our popular Ford cars don't stay here for long!

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