Ford Service Credit Card - Service Your Car Today at Town and County Ford in Charlotte, NC

What’s the most convenient way to pay for skilled car service? The answer is obvious! It’s the Ford Service Credit Card at Town and Country Ford. Our card offers extra convenience by letting you use it to pay for all service and repairs at our dealership and at all other Ford dealers, coast to coast.

The Town and Country Ford Service Center should be your primary destination all your automotive needs, and the Ford Service Credit Card can be your most convenient financing option. Use your card to pay for:

  • Vehicle Service and Maintenance
  • Tires
  • Parts
  • Loaner Vehicles
  • Extended Service Plans
  • Body Shop Repairs/Deductions
  • Accessories

So Many Benefits

Applying for a Ford Service Credit Card is so easy -- just click here. We’ll start the ball rolling to get you your new card right away. The card lets you make low monthly payments, and you can pay off your balance at your convenience. The Ford Service Credit Card offers exciting. no-interest financing plans that will save you a small fortune by abolishing interest on eligible charged transactions for up to 12 months. But that’s just the start. You’ll also be eligible for timely rebate deals, whether you’re an existing or new cardholder. Ford Service Credit Card users are always telling us how helpful it is to have a line of credit earmarked specifically for their automotive bills. Remember, all participating Ford dealers in the U.S. accept the Ford Service Credit Card.

No benefit of the card is a bigger people-pleaser than our Customer Rebate Incentives. When you spend $250 or more using your Ford Service Credit Card, you’ll earn a $25 mail-in rebate on a prepaid cash card. Don’t hesitate! Get your own Ford Service Credit Card today, and then stop by the Town and Country Ford Service Center for our expert repair and maintenance service. You’ll love the convenience, flexibility, and money-saving rebates offered by the Ford Service Credit Card, so apply today!