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Benefits of Tire Service

Take care of your tires, and they will take care of you. Getting your tires serviced at regular intervals will help avoid flats, blowouts, and traveling on threadbare tires. In addition, driving on tires that have the proper inflation can mean better gas mileage, saving you money.

Ford Tire Service

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You can place your full confidence in our dealership, as our automotive technicians are fully certified to perform tire service on your vehicle. In fact, they work on all makes and models on a regular basis, so bring yours in today to ensure you get where you are going safely and on time. Sometimes, a cold spell could be the reason your tires are low. Our experienced technicians can tell when you’ve lost a little air or if there is an ongoing problem with your tire or tires.

Charlotte Tire Service

Our dealership only uses quality original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for all of your tire service needs. The benefits of using OEM parts over aftermarket parts include:

  • Quality – Skimping on tires probably isn’t a good idea, so try to use the same kind of tires that the vehicle’s manufacturer used when it is time to replace them. Our service techs will ensure the right tires at the right amount of air pressure are on your vehicle.
  • Personalized service – Our technicians have the expertise needed to determine which tires are right for the climate in which you live or are planning to travel to. Even though they may still be original tires from the manufacturer, it is still important to match the kind of tire with the climate.
  • Longevity – Getting the right tires and tire service for your vehicle could mean the difference in the tires lasting as long as you expect them to or having to replace them more often because they are of a lesser quality. To keep your vehicle running smoothly on all four tires, bring it into our dealership today for a tire service check.


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