Advice and Tips on Returning Your Leased Vehicle to Town & Country Ford

All of us here at Town & Country Ford want you to have the smoothest automotive experience with us possible and, if you're looking to return your leased vehicle, then we have some excellent tips and advice for you. We welcome all drivers from the Charlotte, Fort Mill, Concord, and Matthews areas to take a look below.

Lease Inspection

About 90 days before your lease ends, we'll contact you to set up a vehicle inspection. This inspection is free of charge and should take less than an hour to complete. It will include an inspection of the following aspects of your vehicle:

  • Engine and car system problems
  • Dings, dents, scratches, or scrapes on the exterior of the vehicle
  • Cracks or excessive pitting in windows or windshield
  • Abnormal or excessive wear to tires, or mismatched tires
  • Tears or stains in the interior that cannot be fixed with normal refurnishing

At the end of the inspection, you'll get a condition report with any damages your vehicle has beyond typical wear and tear, as well as the cost to fix the problems

Preparing for the Inspection

Getting ready for your inspection is easy, asking you to do little more than remove all of your personal belongings and washing the vehicle. If you have any damages you're concerned about, getting your vehicle detailed first may be a good idea, though optional. The goal is to present your vehicle as pristinely as possible.

  • Scratches and dents larger than the size of a credit card will be of prime concern during the inspection
  • Scratches that don't penetrate the clear coat can be easily removed with a detailing job
  • Scratches to the alloy wheels and wheel covers, as well as normal tire wear, are typically not charged
  • Deeper scratches can be fixed with a small bottle of touch-up paint and a thin-bristle brush
  • Small dents that don't affect the paint can be fixed with a paintless dent remover tool
  • If you've done any repairs after your initial inspection, you can schedule a second inspection. Our inspector will assess the repairs, verify that they've been done properly, and adjust your condition report as needed
  • If you're worried about excessive tire wear, replacing them with new tires is a good idea

Additional Advice

You must remember to return everything that came with your vehicle when your lease is over. These items include, but are not limited to:

  • All sets of keys
  • Original floor mats
  • Cargo Covers
  • Spare tires

Final Thoughts

Planning ahead is always a good idea so be sure to do the steps listed above for the smoothest and most affordable lease return possible. If you have any additional questions or concerns about your lease return, call us at (704) 774-4128 and we'll give you the answers you need.


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